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I have a ton of ideas for making Brainerd a better place. Some are really good and I'm sure that others are not. I'm going to share mine here so you can see them and react to them. I'd love to partner with some volunteers to make some of these things happen.

I'd also like to hear other ideas. Please share yours. Nothing is too small. In fact, the smaller the better (let's go do them).

I'm convinced that the future prosperity of Brainerd depends on our ability to rethink old approaches, identify new ideas within our community and then work incrementally to try them out and see what works. There's nothing I dislike more than the response, "That's just the way it's always been done." We can do better and we must.

We should always be willing to hear new ideas, discuss them openly and then test them at a small scale to see what really works. Let's talk about your idea for making Brainerd better.

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