I'm a member of the Brainerd Planning Commission. This is my own personal site.

The Brainerd Planning Commission does two basic things. First, we advise the City Council on applications made to the city that require their action. Second, we lead the city's efforts in planning for the future, gathering information and making informed recommendations for the Council to consider.

We don't make any decisions; we just present advice. 

To do that well, my colleagues and I need to be as informed as we can. It's very important to me that the advice we give be representative not only of facts and data but also of the wide variety of viewpoints we find in the city.

It is my intention to use this site to increase the community dialog around issues of planning, to help people be more informed and -- most importantly -- to engage as many people as we can in planning for the future.

Again, this is my personal site. I'm just one appointed official among many and my views do not reflect the official views of the city. I welcome your thoughts and ideas and encourage you to be involved, however you feel best, in making Brainerd a better place for everyone.

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